1. The applicant has to fill out the online request form with fixed & detailed information. Any kind of missed information will result in the rejection of the request.
  2. The applicant has to fill out specific subject for the event, either COVERAGE, DOCUMENTATION, or LIVE STREAMING
  3. If the applicant wants to simply get coverage, please choose “Liputan Berita”. Or if the applicant want to get an event published through UBTV promotional tools, please choose “Publishing”
  4. The applicant has to confirm the precise date and time of the coverage 3 days before the event, at the latest.
  5. For all coverage outside of Jakarta, the accommodation & transportation costs are bounded by the applicant.
  6. The applicant has to display UBTV’s logo in every collateral, produced for the publication of the event related.
  7. The applicant has to insert adlibs that UBTV is one of the media partners of the related event.
  8. The applicant will get 1 week of publication time that include:
    1. 30 second TV Commercial, placed on the TVC Spots in UBTV’s broadcast for 5 times a day (Monday – Saturday)
    2. Web Banner (728 x 90 pixel) placing in the Middle or Lower Section of
    3. Article and Poster Placing in News section of
    4. 1 (one) time coverage of the related event, if provide by the precise date and time
    5. Social media (Facebook & Twitter) promotion for the related event
  9. The video result of the coverage WILL BE BROADCASTED through our daily news program.
  10. The coverage team is NOT REQUIRED to give the video result to the internal parties on any kind of form.
  11. Documentation and live streaming request has to be submitted 30 DAYS before the event, at the latest. Any kind of late request WILL NOT be accepted.

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